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Sending Us Artwork?

File Format

  • PDF is in the preferred file format.
  • InDesign files can be supplied as entire packages (File > Package) which include images, fonts and the InDesign file. You can compress this into a ZIP file to make it easier to send to us.

Artwork resolution (dpi)

  • Colour images should be no less than 300dpi.
  • Greyscale images should be no less than 600dpi, and monochromatic bitmaps should be 1200dpi.
  • All images must be embedded in the PDF files.

Colour Mode

  • All colour should be converted to CMYK mode. If documents are to be printed in CMYK (Process) all colours, which includes RGB and Pantone (Spot) must be converted to CMYK before making PDF files.


  • 3mm external bleed for images and objects that print to the edge.
  • Safe print margin should be 3mm inside from the trim mark.

Line Thickness

  • Minimum line thickness: 0.25pt. Anything less than a hairline will not hold on the press.


  • All fonts must be embedded, outlined or converted to curves.
  • For CMYK colour fonts, the type must be no less than 8pt.


  • All Layers must be flattened.

Die-cut Lines

  • All die-cuts lines must be vector objects, not bitmap images.

Transparency and Overprints

  • All Layers must be flattened.
  • If transparency or overprints are to be used in the document they must be flattened and preserved within the documents.


  • All 100% Black background jobs must be converted to rich black using the following breakdown: C=40% M=0% Y=0% K=100%.
  • For rich black in digital printing, please make it at C=100% M=100% Y=100% K=100%.


We’ve got you covered – contact our team to discuss how our design and print service can help your business